Working drawings made in response to chance patterns in the environment are the basis for Tim Edwards’ serene organic glass forms.  He achieves a natural balance between line, form and weight reminiscent of rock formations or landscape patterning as viewed from the air.  These deceptively simple forms are only realised after an extensive technical process of free-blowing the glass in two parts using a colour overlay technique.  The overlay is then lathe and wheel cut, and the vessels finished with a stone wheel to achieve a textured, velvet finish.  “I see something and respond to it.  I don’t let it formally influence me, but allow it to seep out.  I guess I am looking for some essence of experience to filter through.  I work from a two-dimensional starting point, working the relationships of shapes and playing with the links and balances between positive and negative”. 

Tim majored in ceramics at Deakin University, Victoria, before completing a Graduate Diploma in ceramics at the University of Tasmania in 1991. The following year, he was associate designer in ceramics and then glass at the Jam Factory in Adelaide.  Tim has also spent time in the USA as visiting scholar at Ohio State University and teaching assistant at Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle.  He has exhibited in various exhibitions in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Seattle, Chicago, Taiwan and Venice and his work is represented in the National Art Glass Collection at Wagga Wagga and the Corning Museum of Glass in the USA, for which Tim was selected as recipient of the prestigious Rakow Commission in 2006.


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