In her most recent work, Anna Eggert continues to explore how hidden forces such as light and sound waves, gravity and radiation impact on our physical world.  Grounding her work in daily experiences, where things are always in a state of flux, Anna examines the visible effects and traces of these forces in our interaction with the material world.  The painted and woven surfaces of Anna’s wall pieces and her vibrant works on paper capture the residue of spent forces, as well as the turmoil of the energies that surround us.  Simultaneously, Anna’s works record the previous life of her found objects, their practical uses now absorbed into aesthetic contemplation.  Some of Anna’s impressions are joyous, beautiful and out of bounds while others are precise, sharp or geometrical.  As the recording of the presence and passage of such forces is central to Anna’s work, so too is the physical process of making; the dynamic visual energy of her work is at once transitory and complete.  A favourite quotation of Anna’s that resonates with her work is that of noted author and psychiatrist, Iain McGilchrist: “Stability in the experiential world can be achieved, but it is always stability provided by a form through which things continue to flow”.

Born in Croatia, Anna Eggert moved to Australia in 1962 at the age of ten.  In 1990, she completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Canberra School of Art and has exhibited regularly since then.  In 2008, Anna received the ACT Creative Arts Fellowship, was a finalist in the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award and won the People’s Choice Award in the McClelland Sculpture Award (which she had previously won in 2004). In 2009, Anna was a finalist in the Willoughby Sculpture Prize, Sydney.  Anna Eggert’s work is represented in various public collections including the Canberra Museum and Gallery, Artbank, Australian Defence Force Academy, Deakin University and Alice Springs Art Foundation.


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