linocuts and woodcuts

16 April – 5 May 2015

about the exhibition

David Frazer’s artwork explores the themes of truth, love, despair and the emotional and fragile state of the human condition. With his characteristic imagination and wit, David often depicts rural scenes with a raw emotion at its core. His prints are highly detailed and his stage can be either dense or sparsely inhabited, with the occasional character seeming lost, as if unsure of his role in a changing world. These images are often informed by thoughts of something better or nostalgic memories of a time past. Ironically, their abandonment, alienation and longing is sometimes invested with ambiguity, slight optimism and wry humour.

exhibition images

  • 7. $2,200 Together alone - linocut, edition 16 of 70, 90 x 120cm

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  • 8. $385 The small escape – wood engraving, edition 12 of 60, 11 x 15cm

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  • 9. $275 Up shit creek – wood engraving, edition 16 of 50, 7.2 x 7.6cm

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