studio glass

7 – 24 February 2019

about the exhibition

“one three seven” brings together the work of five highly respected and internationally recognised contemporary glass artists – Alexandra Chambers, Mel Douglas, Benjamin Edols & Kathy Elliott and Tom Rowney. There is an extraordinary depth of glass-making experience within this small Canberra trained group, collectively 137 years. Each artist presents new work exploring the possibilities of this versatile medium. The perfection and complexity of their traditional glass making skills is often combined with innovative cold working processes extending the glass beyond its initial form. This show highlights the thriving Australian contemporary glass making community, and in particular, displaying the technical and conceptual prowess of these modern masters.

Mel Douglas uses the unique qualities of glass with the expansive potential of mark making to define and activate three-dimensional space, exhibiting a distinct clarity and balance between surface and form. Line has always been a critical part of her work, as well as a fundamental element in the drawing vernacular. She says that “objects and drawings are often thought of as two separate entities. My work explores and interweaves the creative possibilities of this liminal space, where the form is not just a ‘substrate’ for drawing; but a three-dimensional drawing itself.” The work suggests a controlled stillness, a meditation on the elements of light, space and time with each mark noting a singular moment. The slow process of construction is integral to the reading of each piece and evident in the majesty of the finished object. Mel Douglas has gained a significant reputation in Australia and internationally winning many prestigious prizes and exhibiting widely. Mel graduated with honours in 2000 from the Canberra School of Art and is currently working on her PHD. Her work is held in collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, Parliament House, National Art Glass Collection at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Corning Museum of Glass (USA), Cincinnati Art Museum (USA) and Glasmuseet Ebeltoft (Denmark).

exhibition images

  • 15. $2,500 Doubletake – glass drawing on paper (framed), 73 x 81cm

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  • 16. $12,500 Inclined (black) – kiln formed, cold worked and engraved glass, 44 x 46 x 6cm

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  • 17. $12,500 Inclined (white) – kiln formed, cold worked and engraved glass, 44 x 46 x 6cm

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