studio glass

7 – 24 February 2019

about the exhibition

“one three seven” brings together the work of five highly respected and internationally recognised contemporary glass artists – Alexandra Chambers, Mel Douglas, Benjamin Edols & Kathy Elliott and Tom Rowney. There is an extraordinary depth of glass-making experience within this small Canberra trained group, collectively 137 years. Each artist presents new work exploring the possibilities of this versatile medium. The perfection and complexity of their traditional glass making skills is often combined with innovative cold working processes extending the glass beyond its initial form. This show highlights the thriving Australian contemporary glass making community, and in particular, displaying the technical and conceptual prowess of these modern masters.

Tom Rowney has been working in glass for over twenty-five years and is renowned as one of the most accomplished glass blowers in Australia. In this exhibition you can see his passion for, and mastery of, the Italian style of glass making. Tom has utilised a variety of traditional cane work techniques pushing them beyond conventional use to create his own artistic style. He combines the loose flowing effects of murrini imagery with fine line work to create refined geometric forms with striking graphic designs. The resulting works are both technically and visually astounding. Tom Rowney first trained at the Budgeree Glass Factory in Adelaide before completing his Bachelor of Arts at the Canberra School of Art in 1995. He has been deeply involved in the development of the studio glass movement in Australia and particularly in Canberra. Currently, he is technical manager at the Canberra Glassworks, a position he has held since 2006. Tom’s work is represented in several collections as the National Gallery of Australia and the Tacoma Museum of Glass (USA).

exhibition images

  • 1. $2,400 Green aventurine form, cane work – blown glass, 38 x 22 x 15cm

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  • 2. $2,400 Gold aventurine form, cane work – blown glass, 32 x 31 x 15cm

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  • 3. $4,600 Gold aventurine motif, black zanfirico cane work – blown glass, 42 x 27 x 27cm

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  • 4. $4,800 Green aventurine motif, black zanfirico cane work – blown glass, 79 x 20 x 20cm

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  • 5. $2,800 Blue aventurine motif, white zanfirico cane work – blown glass, 48 x 12 x 12cm

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