paintings, prints, glass, ceramics, sculpture

25 September - 17 October 2018

about the exhibition

Beaver Galleries’ ‘stockroom display’ offers a unique opportunity to browse our extensive collection of available art works. Each of the three gallery spaces has been carefully curated with works in a variety of mediums. Gallery 1 is dedicated to a selection of represented Canberra artists – Alex Asch, GW Bot, Robert Boynes, Wendy Teakel and Nicola Dickson. Gallery 2 features paintings by Lucy Culliton, Sue Lovegrove, Kirrily Hammond, prints by Bruce Latimer and Wayne Viney, porcelain by both Kenji Uranishi and Les Blakebrough and studio glass by Annette Blair. Graham Fransella, Bruno Leti, Peter Boggs, Graeme Townsend, Kerrie Leishman and Dean Bowen are all on display in Gallery 3 with studio glass by Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott, Brenden Scott French. Bronze sculpture by Clara Hali, stoneware by Ulrica Trulsson and cabinets showcasing smaller scale objects complete Gallery 3. Our foyer features paintings by Mandy Martin.

Our dedicated print room showcases framed and unframed works by all of Beaver Galleries’ represented printmakers with a special display of new unframed etchings by Western Australian printmaker Kati Thamo.

exhibition images