20 - 22 September 2013

about the exhibition

Beaver Galleries will be showcasing the work of three of our represented artists; Alex Asch, Lucienne Rickard and Thornton Walker.

Lucienne Rickard is a talented emerging artist from Tasmania. Her intricately detailed drawings aremarked by a sharp eye for detail, zealous imagination and a fastidious, almost obsessive, mode of execution.Lucienne presents the viewer with richly detailed, textured and challenging works which unite themes of biology, decay, memory, romance and possession.

exhibition images

  • 1. $6,500 It's just a shot away - graphite on drafting film, 165 x 148cm

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  • 2. $5,500 Just hanging around - graphite on drafting film, 176 x 110cm

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  • 3. $7,500 No more heroes - graphite on drafting film, 148 x 210cm

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