Judy Horacek is a Melbourne-based artist, cartoonist, illustrator and author who is renowned for her witty and humorous interpretations of social and political issues.  Judy’s classic cartoon screenprints highlight the absurdities in contemporary life, using humour to playfully invite the viewer to engage with popular ideas and debates in the arenas of feminism, environmentalism and self-identity.  Judy’s fairy tale series explore the role of our imagination in creating fairy tale narratives from our own memories, while her photographic series of screenprints capture simple objects and moments in time, exploring the beauty of architectural features and ambiguous silhouettes.  Judy’s recent works capture the beauty, spirit and idiosyncrasies of old maps, travel, boats and flying.

Judy Horacek graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours, majoring in Fine Arts and English Literature from Melbourne University in 1985.  In 2005, Judy continued her studies with a Bachelor of Arts (Visual), majoring in Printmedia and Drawing from the Australian National University.  Since 1995, Judy has worked as a cartoonist for several newspapers including the Canberra Times, The Australian and The Age.  Seven collections of her cartoons have been published including ‘I am Woman Hear me Draw’.  Judy has also illustrated and authored several children’s picture books including ‘Yellow is my favourite colour’, ‘These are My Hands’ and Mem Fox’s ‘Where is the Green Sheep’ and ‘Good Night Sleep Tight’ (new edition).  Judy has participated in over forty solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia.

Judy Horacek

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