Daehoon Kang is a Korean born contemporary jeweller and silversmith.  Daehoon enjoys translating traditional silversmithing techniques into contemporary jewellery inspired by his Korean heritage as well as Australian cultural influences.  “As a silversmith, the use of traditional silversmithing techniques, especially hand raising, allows me to create the fluidity of organic sculptural objects, which have a close relationship to natural forms… Often my work is imbued with Korean wit and humour, and overlaid with elements of my own experiences that I’ve had since moving to Australia” says Daehoon.  His recent work is inspired by the Korean condiments bay, an assemblage of earthenware vessels used to store food and condiments, traditionally found outside Korean households.  Working in silver and gold, Daehoon is exploring the sculptural and aesthetic elements of a primarily functional vessel.  Daehoon also works with hand-dyed brightly coloured acetal balls, a playful reference to his love of lollipops as a child and his wish to have one in every colour.     

Daehoon Kang was born in Seoul in 1966.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Art from the Kookmin University in Seoul in 1992 and began postgraduate studies in 1996 before transferring to the RMIT University in Melbourne, completing his Master of Arts (Fine Arts) in 1999.  Since graduating, Daehoon has exhibited widely within Australia and overseas.  In 2007, he was the recipient of the Arts Centre Acquisitive award as part of the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award at Buda Historic Home and Garden in Castlemaine.


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