Melanie Katsalidis completed her Bachelor of Fine Art in Gold and Silversmithing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2003.  A key element of Melanie’s designs is the incorporation of movement achieved by using fluid forms and clean geometric shapes as major components.  While generally monochromatic in style, subtle introductions of colour through combining iodised sterling silver with black, green and white freshwater pearls highlight the pieces.  Her pieces are contemporary in style yet classic in their combination of materials and simple, sophisticated design.  “My jewellery is about finding beauty in pure geometry and form.  I enjoy reducing forms to their essence and finding the elegance in this.  Strong lines and bold structures become wearable, and there is always an element of precision and balance in my pieces.  I find the idea that my work will take on new meanings and histories of the wearer very rewarding.”

Melanie is among the 1000 jewellers from across the world featured in the exclusive and ground-breaking publication, The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers Volumes 1 & 2, released by Darling Publications in Germany, 2008; placing her amongst the world’s finest jewellers.  Melanie Katsalidis has exhibited extensively in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. 

Melanie Katsalidis

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