For more than 40 years, Helge Larsen and Darani Lewers have worked in collaboration, combining expert craftsmanship and innovation to create unique contemporary jewellery.  Abstract shapes are arranged with an architectual clarity, many of the pieces evoking a sculptural quality in contrast to the familiar, organic human form which they are designed to adorn.  Their designs reveal a desire to fuse historical references with contemporary contexts.  Early works by the duo explored the Australian landscape, imparting a sense of familiarity whilst more recent works explore the upheaval and haphazard visual experience of travel, as inspired by travels to Asia, Syria and Europe.  The use of found objects makes reference to regional traditions found in architecture and objects of antiquity.  Sterling silver is combined with a variety of materials including pebbles, bone, shell, ceramic shards, precious stones and enamel paint. 

Helge and Darani have held over sixty exhibitions across Australia, Europe and the USA, achieving international recognition as innovative silversmiths and jewellers.  Their work is represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia and all Australian state galleries, as well as in collections in Europe and Asia.  In 1986, the National Gallery of Victoria staged a retrospective of their work that toured Australia and Europe and, in 2002, the Manly Art Gallery and Museum mounted a survey exhibition that covered the period since 1986.  They have long played an active role in the arts in Australia and both have received the honorary degree of Doctor of Visual Arts from the University of Sydney.  Darani received an Order of Australia in 1982 and Helge received the Australia Council Emeritus Award in 1999.

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