Jeff Mincham is one of Australia’s most prominent and long established ceramic artists and for thirty years his practice has been influenced by the remarkable landscape setting of his home in the Adelaide Hills.  His beautifully resolved vessels contain a visible dialogue between the artist and the environment in which he lives and works, a narrative that is particularly resonant within the ceramic medium which is of the earth but shaped by human hands.  The highly tactile surfaces of these vessels are the result of a unique patination process that Jeff refers to as ‘firing and weathering at the same time’.  “The colours, moods, textures and events comprise a universe of constant change which retains a seamless, constant identity and provides an inexhaustible source for my forms and their surface treatments.  The works are often fired many times to achieve the depth of surface and unique character that they finally attain and many do not survive the journey.  However, I have survived a long journey myself to arrive at a point of strong resolution in my work and I conclude that it is the constant struggle that produces the best results.” 

Born in South Australia, Jeff studied at both the South Australian and Tasmanian Schools of Art.  He has held over 40 solo shows across Australia, and exhibited in the USA, Asia and Europe.  His ceramics have been widely collected and are represented in the National Gallery of Australia and most major state and regional galleries.  Jeff’s work is also held in many overseas collections such as the Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Wales), Johnson Collection (USA), Silber Collection (USA), National Gallery of Malaysia, State of Hawaii Public Collection and Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan).  Jeff Mincham was selected as the 2009 Living Treasure by Craft Australia in recognition of his outstanding achievements.


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