Inspired by nature, Fiona Murphy's "biomorphic" vessels express the structural, dramatic and metaphoric qualities of plants.  Absent of any colour, Fiona's works utilise white (the combination of all colours in the spectrum) to accentuate form through light and shadow.  While some vessels are angular and asymmetric, alluding to the phases of plant growth, others are round and curvaceous, evoking the organic forms of flowers.  These expressive forms alluding to cycles and inter-relationships in nature are combined in sculptural vessels which also exemplify an understanding of clay and a respect for its natural textures and body.  Simplicity and clarity of form are achieved by manipulating the inner and outer surfaces to create an undulating and rhythmic flow.

Having graduated in ceramics from Victoria College in 1980,  Fiona went on to complete diplomas in Fine Art and Education.  Since 1980, she has exhibited extensively in both group and solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Europe including a 1991 exhibition "Halpern & Murphy", curated by the Shepparton Art Gallery which toured to the National Gallery of Victoria and Ballarat and Geelong Regional Galleries.  She was selected for inclusion in the 1995 exhibition, "Delinquent Angel: Australian Historical, Aboriginal and Contemporary Ceramics", shown at the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy and, in 1997, was chosen for the 50th International Ceramic Art Competition also in Faenza.  Her works are included in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Powerhouse Museum, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the State Galleries of South and Western Australia. 



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