Regine Schwarzer combines both silver and gold with unusual stones to create elegant jewellery with a distinctive style.  “For a number of years I have been collecting, processing and cutting the stones I use in my work. Their colours, as well as the crystalline formations of minerals which grow in a variety of systems, inspire me to construct both jewellery and objects.  My art practice is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals, rocks and metal.”  Clean lines and exotic patterns are matched with exquisite craftsmanship to produce unique pieces with a timeless quality.

Born in Hanau, Germany, Regine completed her goldsmith and jewellery apprenticeship at the Staatliche Zeichenkademie, Hanau.  She worked as a goldsmith and completed a silversmithing course while exhibiting in many cities throughout Germany.  Regine moved to Australia in 1993 and since then has exhibited in many galleries around Australia.

Regine Schwarzer

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