Yvette Watt's paintings explore the shadowy recesses of both the human psyche and our physical world. She has an ongoing fascination with the animal world and the relationships between humans and animals. As much as we believe ourselves to be superior to other species, much is revealed in our instinctual and subconscious behaviour that reflects our animal side. We see ourselves as rational beings and our “animal” instincts are defined as such because they are considered as non-human. Yvette's paintings create striking and pointed visual imagery to portray the “dark” side of human nature and the world in which we live.

Yvette Watt originally studied in Western Australia but now resides in Tasmania where she completed a Masters in Fine Art. Her work is represented in a number of collections including Parliament House, Canberra; the Art Gallery of WA; University of WA; Grafica Soruco, Mexico and the private collection of Kerry Stokes.




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