Hilary Crawford’s glass forms have a streamlined, machine-like aesthetic which is derivative of modern architecture. The use of murrine implants in the forms represents random impressions of urban culture, a visual hybrid of streams of information and the built environment. In Hilary’s own words, “Fragments of information are sequenced so we perceive them on the move; other information we have to look at again, to blink, so as to recognise what we absorb.”

Hilary earned a Bachelor of Design (Ceramics and Glass) from the University of South Australia in Adelaide and, prior to that, a Glass Major from the Alberta College of Art, Calgary, Canada. In 2001, she graduated with first class Honours from the ANU School of the Art Glass Workshop in Canberra. Hilary has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and in Europe. She was a recipient of the Pole Turners Scholarship to the renowned Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, USA. Her work has been acquired by Canberra Museum and Gallery, University of Canberra Art Collection, Art Gallery of South Australia and talm Springs Art Museum (California, USA).

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