Joungmee Do is a Korean born contemporary jeweller and silversmith. Since moving to Australia, Joungmee has drawn inspiration from both cultures and it is the combination of Korean and western concepts, processes and techniques that is at the heart of her practice. As Joungmee explains, “As an artist I strive to communicate globally through symbolic expression and visual language that is accessible to viewers from a diverse range of different environments… it’s the concepts that keep me anchored to the essence of my own culture.” The velvety appearance of her pieces is achieved though the layering of fine chisel marks creating a texture that both reveals and conceals patterns and imagery. This texture, the intricate layering of individual sections and fine detail are all characteristic of Joungmee’s work, each exquisite piece standing alone as a contemporary sculptural work.

Joungmee Do moved to Australia in 2003. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kookmin University in Seoul, and then her Master of Arts (Fine Art) from the RMIT University in Melbourne. Joungmee has been exhibiting within Australia and internationally since 1998 and, in 2013, was the recipient of the Leviny Commemorative Award as part of the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award at the Bendigo Art Gallery.



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