linocuts and woodcuts

16 April – 5 May 2015

about the exhibition

The prints of GW Bot engage with the environment in a topographic and metaphysical sense and can be interpreted as an allegory for a person’s passage through life. Typically, her work features strong silhouettes, a natural colour palette, course visual textures and complex rhythmic patterns. Through her uniquevisual language of glyphs, GW Bot maps the landscape – not literally, but intuitively – with her markings always born from personal experience. Printmaking is Bot’s primary medium, and her use of the linocut allows for flexibility of line and intricate repetition of pattern.

exhibition images

  • 1. $2,300 Eagle Glyph – linocut on kozo paper, edition 1 of 25, 94 x 53cm (unframed $1,850)

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  • 10. $3,750 Glyphs – Tree of life – linocut on tapa cloth, irregular edition 1 of 10, 66 x 208cm

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